15 September 2016

Quilt art

Description: This term we have been working on amazing quilt art! This art was for our calendar art for 2017. The number one job we had to do was paint our background pieces. We got inspiration off Eric Carle for the textures and colour. The second job was cutting out circles. Suzanne kindly spent time on cutting out templates for us to use and make one of our own. You had to cut out the circles very carefully and accurate because is you didn't cut them out perfectly, you wouldn't be able to make a perfect circle!!!! So that part was crucial that you did it perfectly. The third job was to then choose what your art would look like. I chose a really cool flower quilt art. I think that it looks really really cool. The. The fourth step was to accually get all your pieces and start laying the pattern you want out. Once I chose the pattern I glued the art together. The end product looks really good. Here it is
Evaluation: I think the most tricky bit was cutting the circles corect and very accurate becuase it wouldn't look as nice at the end if you didn't cut it out acurate enough.

Feedback: Even though you think that the middle bit let your art down I still think it is amazing well done you should be proud you persevered really well.
Feedforward: Nothing. Telaina ; )

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  1. This is stunning Emma! Well done. You have definitely shown panekiretanga through your art. I agree with Telaina - you should be very proud!